Beverlywood Swim School


Dear Beverlywood Swim School Friends;

It is with great sadness to inform you we have decided to suspend the operations of the Beverlywood Swim School after almost 40 years in business (1979-2019). Over the years, we have taught second, third and fourth generations of students and were more than privileged to have you and your children as our clients. Unfortunately as the economic picture has changed, we have incurred expenses that quite frankly make it very hard to run a successful business. Each year we are presented with additional financial challenges that grew to the point where it made opening the school difficult.

Over the years, we have taught many local children and adults, but we are most proud of having worked with so many children and adults with disabilities. We took so much pride in mainstreaming these individuals so they felt included no matter what their disabilities were.

Please know this decision was not made lightly. As the years have progressed, and the costs increased, we seldom raised our rates and have shouldered the increased expenses. We have been running the school in the red for the past several years hoping we could find a way to continue to offer high quality lessons without raising our prices. We just could not make it happen!

We know this is sudden and are very sorry for the late notice. Many of you still have remaining classes and we will be tallying these up in the next few days and issuing refund checks for the unused credits.

The reason we say we are “suspending operations” and not “closing” is that we are seeking a potential successor to our operations that would maintain a healthy pool and safe environment much as we have sought to do over these many years. If we are successful in finding a suitable successor, we will notify you immediately. Should you choose to seek alternate lessons in the meantime, there are several other licensed schools in the area and we encourage you to reach out to them to find lessons for your children. We would strongly advise against using teachers in a backyard or home pool as it really creates a health and safety issue that we have always spoken about. Home pools are just not equipped for such safety standards.

It has been a pleasure running the school for the past 25 years. Watching so many children grow up to become such wonderful, caring and successful adults gives me great pride. Something you may not have recognized is that many teachers that worked for the school were in fact students there themselves. Watching these young adults blossom has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

With that, I would like to say thank you for all your support. I wish the best for each of you and your families and that 2019 brings you much health and happiness.


Lonnie Deckel

Lonnie Deckel, General Manager Beverlywood Swim School, Inc.